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Deskercise “Fitness at Work”

Today’s modern life revolves around technology and sitting.  Computers, laptops, i-phones, i-pads even Fitbits.  They’re important tools for our livelihood but the associated risks are

causing serious health problems.

Prolonged sitting increases your risk of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, back pain, digital eyestrain and stress.   Stress has a proven negative effect on people’s

productivity, performance and energy.

Deskercise or “Fitness at Work” is all about easy short bursts of activity to give you a mental boost, strengthen muscles and improve circulation. 

My demonstration is either 30 minutes minimum or 1 hour and can be scheduled whenever is convenient for your staff such as over a lunch.  

We’ll practice a few poses and I’ll discuss techniques to improve one’s lifestyle.

Contact me at (630) 352-8490 to schedule this fun event and help improve your

employee’s health and morale.